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Sven Lloyd

Sven is the resident gay intern we’ve all come to know and love. From his appearances on the terrestrial show, to his homosexual hijinks on the current podcast incarnation, Sven is, and always will be, the “Queen” of the Big O And Dukes crew.

Follow Sven on Twitter at @svenlloyd

Sven Lloyd
Dan Creasy

Dan "Swagger" Creasy

Dan is a P1 radiophile and, some would say, the biggest BOAD fan there is. He’s a great friend and a loyal listener, but has absolutely no personality. His asian fetish and sexual frustration with black women is mostly why we keep him around. And, yeah, we don’t get the whole milk obsession either.

Follow Dan on Twitter at @danswagger

Zohan Jew

Zohan is the hardest working man on the his show. He’s the host of Rally The Horde (of which he’s jumping ship for his own new show). His confrontational demeanor and outlandish opinions on Rally The Horde occasionally get him into trouble, but he’s still our favorite Jew.

Follow Zohan on Twitter at @zohanjew

Zohan Jew
Dick Smokehand

Dick Smokehand

Dick is newer to the fold than some of the other characters, but he fits right in. Between the recreational exhibitionism and drug use, the infamous “Scarface” days, and the “Santana love-life,” we can gladly say we’re keeping ol’ Piss around for a while.

Follow Dick on Twitter at @dicksmokehand

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