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About Big O And Dukes

The Big O and Dukes show was forged in the fires of 99.1WHFS. As evening drive hosts Oscar Santana and Chad Dukes brought their two different views of the world and took over the late night airwaves of the DC Metro area.

With Oscar’s pension for the pompous and Chad’s all-American edge, growing popularity launched the boys from weeknight PM Drive to Midday hot talk on Baltimore's Live 105.7. In 2005, Big O and Dukes also became the first major market terrestrial talk show to publish their shows podcasts on iTunes.

In 2006, the boys landed a gig 2000 miles from home at Phoenix’s Free FM 101.5. It was here they met their now loyal, albeit awkward, producer Drab T-Shirt. As the top rated night show in the market their home town, Washington D.C., took notice.

In the summer of 2007, the show moved back east to historic hot talk station 106.7 WJFK in Washington D.C.

Big O and Dukes quickly made the transition from evenings to midday's on the historic talk station. This historic talk station fell to the over whelming tsunami of format flips in the summer of 2009. Chad Dukes currently hosts the Lavar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes afternoon on 106.7 The Fan. Drab is the afternoon shows executive producer, and Oscar Santana is now a member of the The Mike O'Meara Show available on iTunes.

With over 1 million downloads within 6 months of launching the shows weekly podcast, this current incarnation is its purest form to date. From politics to pop-culture, each approaches subject matter from very different perspectives. The podcast format gives the guys an unbridled medium to relay their opinions and their frustrations anything and everyhing. So pull up a seat, plug in your headphones and step into the studio with Chad Dukes, Oscar Santana and Drab T-Shirt; by the end you’ll have laughed yourself right out of your chair, but have gained a window into the lives of three new friends.

Chad Dukes

Chad Dukes

Chad Dukes is everything the Red, White and Blue has to offer. A man who calls ‘em like he sees 'em, he has no problem putting anyone in their place. With an appetite for assault rifles, large asses and fast food, Chad is nothing less than your average red-blooded American hero.

When knocking Big O and Dukes podcasts out are done, Chad is a P1 radiophile. Calling in to shows like Opie & Anthony, Chad’s love of radio knows no bounds. Over the years, he has worked his way from Junkies intern to afternoon drive on 106.7 The Fan DC. Working his interests into several podcasts, Chad’s current 2nd radio love is Red Ring of Death Radio, a podcast covering all the ins, outs and current events of the video game universe.

Being this talented has afforded Chad friend's in high places. Most notably, Chad had been drafted as the ombudsman of the Main Street Mafia by his friend Nash Dukes. A wrestling group out of WJFK FM at 10800 Main Street, the members of this triforce of violence include Nash Dukes, Booker T-Shirt and Kurt Schembechler. The MSM terrorizes all that come between them and utter wrestling infamy, so beware; You're Either Main Street or You're Dead Meat.


Oscar Santana

Oscar Santana

Oscar Santana is the blue-blood of Big O and Dukes. With a penchant for the finer things in life, Oscar can usually be found in the bottle service section of the hottest clubs of DC waving his latest Apple gadget around like he owns the place.

Oscar comes from the modest beginnings of a Latin family that moved to the US from Bolivia. While his mother is always involved in his life and the show – immortalized in the soundboard sound bite “No way, Jose” - Oscar’s father was always out curing diseases in foreign lands. Oscar “Lonely O” Santana had a hard childhood, getting through his days with his imaginary friend Scottie. This probably explains his rise to prominence in the talk show game, while his sister and family members revel in misery within their lucrative medical practices.

Before he gets comfortable in his apartment on Tuesdays, Oscar runs the gauntlet of a regular 9-5 job in marketing, while moonlighting as a cast member on the Mike O’Meara Show podcast.


Drab T-Shirt

Drab T-Shirt

As Winston Churchill once said, Matthew Robert Cahill is “a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a drab tee shirt.” Dragged kicking and screaming from Arizona to be the Big O and Dukes producer many moons ago, Drab T-Shirt has come into his own.

From riveting relationship stories to awkward pauses and producing mistakes, nuggets from Drab’s reclusive life always find their way into the folklore of the show. A graduate of Arizona State, Drab hails from the great white north of Seattle, Washington. A rabid sports fan, conversations not involving the NBA or the Seahawks will get you blank stares. When not sharing a lonely dinner at home with his dinosaur-like dog Troy, Drab can be found…well, we actually can’t answer this one ourselves.

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